Utilizing 3D Digital Software and old fashioned knowledge of biomechanics we developed a unique and simple method to efficiently and accurately produce custom orthotics in under an hour.

Our process is rooted in the methods we used for many years tFoot Measured EvenKeelo build custom orthotics in our Brookline MA office. Every patient that received a custom orthotic device would first have a biomechanical examination performed by Dr. Santopietro. From this exam we derived a theoretical orthotic device that lived mostly in Dr. Santopietro’s head and then he would hand grind semi-soft and semi-hard materials to create a basic device. This orthotic device was inserted into the shoe and walked on and then tweaked by hand until the patient was comfortable.  It was a bit of an arduous process but in 2003 his son and son-in-law considered ways in which he could revolutionize his methods. It took 6 years to master and patent the default digital orthotic and another 6 years to develop the user interface that we use today. EvenKeelOrthotics_FootWithDrawings1

How it works:

Quite simply we designed a 3D orthotic in a solid modelling program used by industrial designers to make things like iPhones, computer mice, and pretty much any hard ware that you see in the modern world. This virtual 3D model of the orthotic is parameterized, meaning we have assigned dimensions to thousands of features within it. When we measure the foot with the 2D scan we get from our scanning device we drive that information into the orthotic and it changes to fit the size of the foot. We also drive in information from the biomechanical examination so that we get clear information about what angles and heights to put under the foot.

EvenKeel Foot ScannerIt’s a simple and elegant solution. And because it is so much simpler than other manufacturing methods, we can provide orthotics to our providers for a very competitive price.

In our Brookline office, we can make a custom foot orthotic for our patients in just about one hour. And for our providers across the country we can send out a completed orthotic the same day we receive the order. Shipping times vary but our orthotics typically make it to their destination in 2-3 days from ordering. We guarantee it in 5 days.

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