The EvenKeel Workflow

  1. Register your patient in the EvenKeel web-based workflow.
  2. Photo Scan the plantar surfaces of the feet in stance on the EvenKeel scanner.
  3. Examine and record the patients biomechanical details in a comprehensive worksheet.
  4. Control the prescription values, flange and heel configurations as desired.
  5. Select the materials based on a combination of intended activity, pathology.
  6. Review and Submit the prescription to us electronically from within the EvenKeel web-based workflow.

Service Level Commitments

  • When an order is received it will be reviewed within 2 hours.
  • If we have any questions or comments about your prescription we will consult you immediately.
  • The orders you submit will be shipped within 72 hours (3 business days) of receipt.
  • Shipping takes approximately 2 days.
  • Overnight and in certain locations Same Day service is available.