Here are some documents you may find helpful to performing a biomechanical examination.

1. EvenKeel Paper Biomechanical Exam Form Template – Use this document to capture an individual patient’s biomechanical exam that you perform.

2. EvenKeel_BioExam_Cribsheet – A quick guide to the core biomechanical exam measurements required for our custom orthotic devices.

3. How to perform the Biomechanical Exam – EvenKeel_Biomechanical_Examination_Guide (Power Point Presentation) – This is a more detailed explanation of each of the essential biomechanical exam indices and how to perform each one.

4. Orthotics information to share with patients  –  EvenKeel – Orthotic Patient Information_v3.3

5. Fitting Instructions – EvenKeel – Provider Fitting Instructions v. 1.2