SNEAKERS (Men’s and Womens)

For all sneakers we recommend the Brooks Ariel/Beast, Brooks Addiction Walker, and the New Balance 1540. Here is the link to our podiatry practice website blog with the sneakers we recommend for women and men:


As for women’s dress shoes and sandals there are ever changing options and new styles appearing every day. Keep the following brands in mind when shopping for or recommending shoes to patients. Always insist that the patient look for a shoe with a removable insole and a heel height between 1/2″ (~13 mm) to 2″ (~50mm).

Sandals with a back strap are preferred to keep the shoe in contact with the foot. Otherwise the orthotic could slip, and may be less effective.

Recommended Brands (remember – not all shoes of a brand type are necessarily trusted shoes for EvenKeel Orthotics):

Specific womens shoes we recommend:

Though we wish some of these shoes would always stay in style, we can’t promise they will always be available. If a link is broken below, please contact us.

Presidio – MJ



Standard men’s dress shoes will work with custom orthotics far easier than their female counterparts. That said, there are a number of brands that make a wider shoe which can make it significantly easier to put an orthotic into. We recommend using Hitchcock Shoes ( to find a pair of shoes that serve wide, extra wide and extra extra wide feet (6E).

The main brands we point men to are the following due to their wide, supportive style bases and deep heel counters:


Clarks  – Dress & Walking