Our Philosophy

The Biomechanical Approach

Most practitioners approach their treatment options according to each patient’s unique case, taking into consideration medication, physical therapy, injection, surgery, taping or strapping, immobilization with cast or brace, over the counter arch supports, or functional custom orthoses. Whether any or all of these are preferred, EvenKeel functional custom orthoses complement many treatment plans, offering an immediate and long-term solution with minimal risks and good results.

  • Palliative procedures may immediately relieve pain, but fail to address etiology. Moreover, they require high patient volume and are not compensated well.
  • A conservative approach is well received because patients appreciate understanding the underlying biomechanical causes of their problem.
  • Patients want an immediate solution which EvenKeel Orthotics provide.
  • Looking at every patient through a biomechanical lens delivers solutions for routine and complex cases alike. Even common problems such as ingrown nails and warts can have a biomechanical explanation.
  • Surgery is often precluded by work obligations, short and long term costs, personal commitments, fear of surgery, poor health and prolonged inability to function.